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Eating is

Proposing a chewing-and
eating-friendly lifestyle
our contribution to a healthy society
with growing life expectancy.

Kamulier is a restaurant focusing on the importance of chewing food and eating through the mouth. This may sound very obvious. However, many people are experiencing reduced mastication abilities and have no choice but to rely on liquid food, nursing care food and intravenous drip for their daily nutrition intake. At Kamulier, we aim to deliver the pleasure of chewing delicious meals to people with reduced oral functions and babies at early stage of development. We believe that improving our everyday experience with food greatly contributes to improving our quality of life. Kamulier is GC's long-term commitment to a healthy and delicious approach to the pleasure of eating at every stage of our life.


Kamulier's easy-to-chew-and-swallow meals.

Coming from "kamu," that means "to chew" in Japanese, Kamulier is a coined word intended to refer to people and places delivering meals that can be enjoyed by everybody. At Kamulier, a team of specialists is supporting customers to enjoy chewing and eating. Under supervision of GC, the best professionals including patissiers, certified dietitians and dental hygienists are working together to deliver the joy of eating and chewing delicious meals.

「生きる力を支える医療」を歯科医療とともに支える株式会社ジーシー・「生きるための食事」食事作りを考える 栄養士・介護食メーカー・「スイーツで人々に笑顔を」をモットーにするパティシエ

Is-level ability assessment system

In cooperation with dentists who are engaged in specialized research at dental universities, we set a 5-level system for assessing mastication and swallowing abilities. We develop recipes for sweets and hold our cooking classes based on this system. People with decreased oral functions, as well as babies at early stage of development, may find difficult to swallow sponge cakes, as they tend to cause a dry mouth condition. Here at Kamulier we develop chew-and swallow-friendly menus and recipes, for a rewarding experience for you and your beloved ones. Our efforts received public recognition in 2014, when Kamulier won the Good Design Award.

Our Experts Work for Your Happy Time
Our mission is the creation of a place where everybody can enjoy chewing and eating. For this purpose, we are partnering with experts from different fields, such as patissiers, professional dietitians, dental hygienists, and caregivers. I myself have working experience as a patissier and dental assistant. As the shop manager, I am always open to hear the feedback from our guests and staff. For example, people with decreased oral functions would like to enjoy Christmas or birthday cakes just like anybody else. Our job consists in developing easy-to-swallow cakes, that are also available through our home delivery service, or to hold seminars where we teach how to prepare food so that the whole family can enjoy having a meal together.

Kayo Shimizu
Kamulier Restaurant & Shop Manager

Kamulier manager

kamlier Cafe(カムリエカフェ)

Globally renown and multiple award-winning patissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi has been cooperating with dental experts to developed easy-to-chew-and-swallow sweets with new texture. Try also our tasty coffee, or our special easy-to-drink "thick soda."

カムリエ スイーツ


kamlier WORKSHOP(カムリエ ワークショップ)

We would like to provide an environment where people with decreased oral functions and babies at early stage of oral function development can enjoy meals that look and taste like regular food. Kamulier staff select tasty food and easy-to-use plates and cutlery with universal design for those with chewing and swallowing difficulties. In addition, we have seminars and workshops on mouth-feeding related topics, from cooking classes focusing on soft food, to children eating style seminars aimed to parents. Through those diversified programs we would like to contribute to enrich the experience with food and bring joy to your daily life.


kamlier EASY SELECTION (イージーセレクション)

At Kamulier we have tasty food and easy-to-use plates and cutlery with universal design selected for those with decreased oral functions and babies at early stage of oral function development.

kamlier EASY SUPPORT (カムリエサポート)

Our professional dietitians will be happy to give their advice about choosing the most appropriate and nutrition-balanced items among more than 100 goods selected by Kamulier. And our dental hygienists will be available to answer any question regarding self-care goods available at the shop.

"Kamulier" is a store and restaurant presented by GC CORPORATION, an all-around dental equipment manufacturer covering the entire spectrum from development to sales of cutting-edge dental products and dental chairs. Established in 1921, our long-term commitment for more than 90 years has been the preservation and improvement of people's quality of life through dental health. We see the 21st century as "Century of Health," and us striving to be the world's No.1 manufacturer of dental care products and to support the vitality and well-being of people all over the world.

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